'Small Portions' review

SMALL PORTIONS by Claire Spratt
United Reformed Church, Buxton. 11-13 July 2011


Small Portions is "six short comedy plays on one bill performed by five actors". Not all six are the same length, nor do they have the same actors in them. The six plays are: Tea towels and Tiaras, Nightwatch, The Joy of Painting, Fancy pants, Star Gazing, and Foot day.

The variety of the different plays is brilliant, it's all quite fast-paced, but the comedy is well-timed and the switching between the plays isn't confusing, or difficult to follow. For the first performance of a show that long, I thought it was well put together, really entertaining. The humour was delivered nicely, with an endearing set of scenarios to work it into.

The acting felt very genuine, and the script was very relatable somehow. The characters were all well developed, and all had different personalities, which was good, as you weren't thinking of them as the person from the previous play, they were obviously being someone else; I was just engrossed in the current short play, not thinking about the one before it.

The scene changes were slightly lengthy, and maybe a bit clumsy; it felt a bit awkward watching the scene be set for the next play, but once completed the stage suited the characters, and set the atmosphere for the short plays perfectly.

I would recommend Small Portions, although perhaps not if you like edgy or dark comedy, the humour is domesticated, but all six of the short plays are funny- there were lots of laughs, despite there only being eleven people in the audience.

Bethany Pearson & Molly Gill